What are the chances?

One in six UK properties is estimated to be at elevated risk of flooding, yet very few owners or occupiers understand their exposure. I help property managers and investors understand when flooding issues are critical and should be addressed, whether as part of a transaction or ongoing management.

Flood risk can be one of the most contentious elements of the planning process. I have prepared numerous Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) across the UK for all types of development from residential schemes to critical infrastructure. I have also reviewed planning applications in two separate roles at the Environment Agency.

Ian Joyner

Poppleford Consulting Limited is my independent consultancy. If you are looking for advice to understand complex flood risk issues as part of the purchase, sale, management or development of land and property, I can help.

My independent flood risk advice will help you to make better decisions…

  • Extensive industry experience developing and using flood risk models and data
  • Track record as a trusted advisor to investor, occupier and developer clients
  • Experienced in both private and public sectors – I know what risk management authorities expect
  • Personal approach – I handle your project from initial enquiry to delivery
  • Large network of contacts for complementary specialist services